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Grow bigger & taller plants!

Food tech growth company Plantui aims for growth in selected markets in Europe and Asia. To facilitate this, a
crowdfunding campaign for 500.000 euros is launched today.

– The public phase of our crowdfunding campaign opened today. We received a winged start for our round from our existing shareholders and anchor investors. They have already subscribed stocks to the value of more than 200.000 euros, which is 41% of the target amount, says CEO Karri Andersson from Plantui Oy.

Internationalising growth company

figure-66any’s cumulative sales exceeded one million euros in April. Plantui’s retail network has expanded to cover 22 countries in Europe and Asia and the company webshop began deliveries to North America earlier this year.

In March, Plantui was admitted to the second round of an acceleration programme for rapidly growing startups by The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes.

– We expect our business to grow especially in Asia along with new retail and distribution agreements. We set up a new Plantui team in Singapore recently with vast networks and insight on local consumer market. In June, we start test marketing with a new distribution partner in Japan.

Strength for market entry

Plantui’s core markets are Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Singapore and Japan. Operations concentrate now heavily on sales and marketing.

– With this campaign, we are raising funds for strengthening our sales and marketing on selected growth markets and for the launch of our new entry level product Plantui 3e in October, says Andersson.

The crowdfunding campaign is open until June 30th.

Plantui is a software controlled concept of indoor hydroponics, where irrigation and light spectres change during different phases from germination to harvesting. This gives the plants optimal conditions to grow successfully, combined with special Plantui nutrients. The unique Plantui growth method and the Plantui 6 platform have been patented on all continents (IPR). Plantui smart garden has also gained a favourable response from the designer community: Plantui platform received the Red Dot design award in 2015.

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Strength for market entry

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