Over Plantui

Iedereen verdient een tuin

Iedereen verdient een tuin

In de hectische wereld waarin we leven is het niet alleen relaxerend om een plant van een piepklein zaadje tot volwassenheid te kunnen observeren, het geeft een mens ook voldoening.
Velen van ons hebben zich reeds gewaagd aan het groeien van planjes in potten, raamboxen of, voor de gelukkigen onder ons, in een eigen tuin. Sommigen slagen hier in, vele andere falen.
Plantui heeft hard gewerkt om het groeien van eigen plantjes extreem eenvoudig en handig te maken. Nu kan iedereen het plezier en het wonder van dit groeiproces ervaren.
De Plantui Smart Garden is uw eigen lapje grond in de stad en de makkelijkste manier om een breed gamma heerlijke bladgroenten, gezonde kruiden en eetbare bloemen te telen en op het menu te zetten.

De Plantenwereld

Plantui started with a selection of 30 plants, from sweet violets to sharp sorrels. We continue to expand our selection and study plants with the help of our network, boasting expertise and knowledge in biology, botany and greenhouse technology. We believe we can stimulate people to grow more plants by making it easier and fun. We know that we have a lot to learn from the world of plants, and we are eager to share our learning with you.

What plants would you like to get from Plantui?

Wat drijft ons?

All in all, we do our very best to help you succeed in growing your own greens in your Plantui™ Smart Garden. Being helpful is deeply rooted in our DNA together with sustainability, humble curiosity and plain honest fun. Humbleness comes natural to us: we are constantly surprised by how plants actually grow and how they have a plan of their own. Curiosity drives us to search for new plants and new flavours. Searching and experimenting is fun, and more fun comes from shared experiences.

Our Story

How we got started

A handful of tangy rocket, and maybe some mint to perk up the new potatoes. “Wouldn’t it be great”, thought Janne Loiske in 2007, while holding a bunch of self-grown greens in his summer cottage garden, “to be able to do this back in the city too?” And when the elements of happiness are this simple, shouldn’t they be available to everyone? Surely everyone deserves a garden? These thoughts were the seeds for Plantui.

What we do now

Now we are a perky seedling. The next phase is to make sure the Plantui movement takes root. This means building a wider sales network, searching for new partners plus expanding our plant portfolio and developing our product range further. So spread the word!

Our future

Did you know that in some department stores more than 60% of packed greens end up in the bin? In other words, over half of the effort it has taken to grow, pack, transport and display the herbs and salads is simply thrown away. This is a huge waste of time, money and world resources.

These statistics are the reason why we at Plantui sincerely believe that people will eventually grow their own greens at home. Maybe in 2040 - maybe even sooner? Would you like to join the Plantui movement now? It’s time to grow!